Windborn Musings – Building a Casual Playgroup

Dear Robby,

Last week, I read your article at  You provided a list of things that you wanted to do before your child was born (congrats!).  One of the things on the list includes building a casual playgroup.  You asked, “If any of you have had success building a casual playgroup or building a pauper Cube, or if you have any parenting advice, I would love to hear it.”  While I have no pauper Cube, and my parenting advice is likely suspect, I was thrilled to find that I had an article idea for this week!  Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Lady Evangela and Her Ragtags

The three largest creatures in my Esper-colored Commander deck are 5/5, 3/6, and 3/4.  My commander is a 1/2 with a damage-prevention tap effect.  The deck wins games.  Welcome to the bizarre world of Lady Evangela.

Death rainbow!

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Graveborn Musings—The Fast (Mana) and the Furious (Timmies)

One of the biggest issues in the Commander community has for some time been the prevalence of mana acceleration. For example, check out this analysis of Sol Ring and ensuing discussion, the discussion on fast mana in this episode of CommanderCast, and this article from my fellow Muse. Brandon’s discussion last week dealt with a lot of these items when considering the Legacy banned list, but the discussion keeps coming up in various forms and various forums (fora?). Some people consider the whole issue of staples, others focus on specific cards, especially Sol Ring (which symbolizes everything we’re talking about, one way or another), but one of the most common elements seems to be the way that acceleration warps the game. It certainly has in mine… Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – A Dish Best Not Served

Destroying your playgroup is really not all that difficult. Just do nothing. Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – If Commander Isn’t As Powerful As Vintage or Legacy, Why Does It Have the Cards They Don’t?

My suggestion today is simple.  Instead of Commander adhering to the Vintage banned list plus others, it should adhere to the Legacy banned list plus others.  Now, both the Commander rules committee and WotC clearly disagree with me, so this isn’t happening soon.  If your playgroup is starting to embrace the new format, however, I’d suggest adopting the Legacy+Commander banned list for the following reasons/opinions. Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings—Revenge, Prevenge and Prophecy

Have you ever won a four-player on turn four without playing combo, or even attacking? I have—here’s how!

Last week, I wrote about one of the most common mistakes in multiplayer: The Vengeance Play™. I thought I was done with the topic, although unfortunately not done with my own vengeful tendencies. But I played a game this week that was such a clear example of the Vengeance Dynamic spiraling out of control that I just had to come back to it. It all began, as these things so often do, with idle threats… Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Hear This

I know nothing about eastern European department stores, but they almost made me famous.  Yes, this ties into deckbuilding. Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – Some Disenchanted Evening

Every play group sees plenty of creature removal.  Whether you see old school standards, Terror  and Wrath of God, funky midrange Chill to the Bone and Rout, or recent Victim of Night and Blasphemous Act, creature removal is everywhere.  But how often are you packing enchantment and artifact hate? Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings—Vengeance is Mine!

Ah, sweet revenge. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord! Gotta get some payback! It seems that our culture places a premium on vengeance, from the classic westerns where Clint Eastwood hunts down the sumbitch who killed his horse, to the modern action films where Bruce Willis hunts down the douchebag who killed his partner. And there’s no doubt that this love of revenge carries over into Magic. If someone attacks you, you attack them back; if someone kills one of your critters, you spend a removal spell to kill their biggest critter, and so on. It’s so natural, I’ve seen it time and time again—and truth be told, I may have done it myself on occasion. The only problem is, it makes for terrible strategy! Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – A Token of My Appreciation

In the comments from last week’s article, Alex expressed his frustration with many of the tokens that are used.  Consider that the inspiration for this pictorial article.

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