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Author of Playing for a Winner: How Baseball Teams' Success Raises Players' Reputations; sometimes-writer at GatheringMagic and Muse Vessel; card name/flavor text team for Magic 2015; Wizards of the Coast's first Digital Event Coordinator; directly responsible for the verb "create" on Magic cards; legislation editor for Seattle; voracious music consumer; Christian.

Seedborn Musings – Lady Evangela and Her Ragtags

The three largest creatures in my Esper-colored Commander deck are 5/5, 3/6, and 3/4.  My commander is a 1/2 with a damage-prevention tap effect.  The deck wins games.  Welcome to the bizarre world of Lady Evangela. Advertisements

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Seedborn Musings – If Commander Isn’t As Powerful As Vintage or Legacy, Why Does It Have the Cards They Don’t?

My suggestion today is simple.  Instead of Commander adhering to the Vintage banned list plus others, it should adhere to the Legacy banned list plus others.  Now, both the Commander rules committee and WotC clearly disagree with me, so this … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Hear This

I know nothing about eastern European department stores, but they almost made me famous.  Yes, this ties into deckbuilding.

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Seedborn Musings – In Black and White

Black-white isn’t my favorite combination – that would be green-blue – but I’ve made many decks over the years that have stuck with me as favorites.  Innistrad and New Phyrexia had dark themes that make combining darkness and light a … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Tour de Cards (Part 6)

It’s that time of year again!  Break out your Masques block binder – you know, the one with all the unused cards – and let’s see what cyclical treasures it contains.

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Seedborn Musings – Animar Soul to Soul

There are some very Spikey ways to win with Animar as your commander.  This deck isn’t one of them, but if it’s a duel or a 3-player game it will win you your fair share while being plenty of fun.

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Seedborn Musings – How to Win in Magic

Yeah, I’ve got your attention now, don’t I?  I’m talking straight-up about winning.  And before you ask the question to the omniscient and conveniently absent narrator’s perspective, I’m not talking about winning from a fuzzy after-school special point of view/drivel.  … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – X Rated: The Top X X Spells

X spells fascinate me.  They’re things to win with when you go infinite, they’re things to use up early if you have to, and they’re powerful in long games.  Plus, a capital X looks cool. There are 183 X spells … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Crossword Vampire

Have you ever wanted a Magic-themed cryptic crossword?  Here’s one.

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Seedborn Musings – A Very Special Interview

I’m here today with one of my favorite players, Mr. Inverse McDumbpants.  I’d introduce him to you, but my words don’t do him justice, so I’ll let him do his own introducing through this exclusive interview.

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