Muse Vessel—Yule Mooze! WBM’s Best of the Vessel #2

Brandon brings a unique take on most cards.  He looks at cards that no one else plays and sees ways to make them work.  He looks at cards that everyone plays and finds new ways to use them.  I have seen this in numerous articles, and other emailed decklists.  You have only seen the surface of what Brandon can do.

The article that I picked is not an article that showcases his talents.  The article I picked is someone with that talent telling everyone else that they need to open up their mind and stop looking at cards in the same way everyone else is.  Most Commander players are playing with Sol Ring in their decks. Brandon suggests stepping outside the box and taking a fresh look at things with:

I Hate Sol Ring and All that it Taps For

The article resonated with me as something the Muse Vessel had been striving for.  I think this article is one of the articles that set the style and personality, not only for Brandon’s other articles, but for the Muse Vessel as a whole.  Readers could expect a unique, considered take on ideas that most players had taken for granted.

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