Muse Vessel—Yule Mooze! SBM’s Best of the Vessel #2

I don’t have a lot to say about social aspects of multiplayer.  I’m the youngest of the Muses and an introvert; I don’t know what I’d say that would help you much.

I don’t have a lot of in-game theory to give you.  I have a bag of tips and tricks, I guess, but I fairly well summed them up in one article.

What I have is a love of weird cards and of deckbuilding.  Really, I think the former has to precede the latter; how many burn decks can you love putting together?  (Actually, I’m sure someone out there can prove me wrong on my rhetorical question.)  But the thrill of building something unique, something you can’t categorize, something that takes the angle nobody expected – that’s what I love sharing and trying to figure out.

It’s the below article where I tied theory and deckbuilding together the best, and I hope it’s my most-remembered article from this year.  Alongi’s menagerie of multiplayer attributes focused on individual cards.  This was my attempt to channel that spirit into assigning attributes to decks, and it’s helped my deckbuilding immensely across all formats.  If I don’t like the direction a deck is going, I now know how to swap a card out for another to get the balance I wanted – how to change power for consistency or depth for flexibility and when you should make that exchange.  It’s the article I’ve used most in explaining other concepts, and I’ve basically built my Magic outlook off this one article.  If you missed it the first time, enjoy it now.

Enter the Decktagon

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