Muse Vessel—Yule Mooze! GBM’s Best of the Vessel #3

Here’s a little-known fact: without Bruce, this site would not exist. He’d deny it of course, with some nonsense about team efforts and everyone working together, but the fact is that it was his idea and he made it happen. Not only is he the heart of the Muse Vessel, but over the past year he has written about the issues at the heart of the casual community better than anyone else. The WBM article I chose as his best is one that helped me to ‘come out of the closet’ as a Magic player; I’ve always told people that I play Magic, but since reading this article I no longer say it apologetically, or with the air of a guilty pleasure. Despite my obvious penchant for in-depth theory, I got more out of Bruce’s article than anything else in the last year. I hope it helps you too.

Windborn Musings – Call of the Nerd

To all the readers who have supported us at SCG and the Vessel, thank you so much. The site has been so much more successful than we ever expected, and an absolute blast to create! Special thanks are due to Andy and the CommanderCast crew, Chewie and the guys at The Mana Pool, and the good folks at Gathering Magic for helping spread the word. To Bruce and Brandon, thanks for everything; I couldn’t ask for better collaborators and co-conspirators than you guys.

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2 Responses to Muse Vessel—Yule Mooze! GBM’s Best of the Vessel #3

  1. shmebula says:

    Great pick. This was a great article. I’m still not a corageously unapologetic Magic player, but I’m closer!

  2. Graveborn Muse says:

    Glad to hear it! Considering how mindless most ‘mainstream’ pursuits are, an intellectual, social and creative hobby like Magic is nothing to be embarrassed about!!

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