Muse Vessel—Yule Mooze! GBM’s Best of the Vessel #2

The one Magic writer that I would recommend above all others—even above myself,[1] MaRo and the Great Alongi—is Seedborn Muse. I’m a smart guy, and I hope that from time to time I’m able to provide some new ideas that you folks haven’t thought of, or make a connection between Magic and some other topic that hasn’t occurred to you. But Brandon flat-out doesn’t think like anyone else; it’s like he’s using a different hemisphere of the brain than the boring old left and right ones that the rest of us are limited to.

This article is a classic example of how his out-of-the-box thinking helps the rest of us to see the game in completely different ways. And of course, the musical references go without saying—I’ve had this song stuck in my head since I first picked this article a couple of weeks ago!

Seedborn Musings – One Thing Leads to Another

[1] Not that I would put myself in the same company as MaRo and Alongi; just that if I was writing with anyone else I’d probably recommend myself first.

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