Windborn Musings – A Token of My Appreciation

In the comments from last week’s article, Alex expressed his frustration with many of the tokens that are used.  Consider that the inspiration for this pictorial article.

I am a token nut.  I keep every token card from every pack I open.  I gather token cards whenever I see them.  I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the tokens I’ve used, whether they be bizarre or have a story behind them.

I have at least 20 Saproling tokens, which is handy, since my Mycoloth deck often produces that many.  I got the chance to meet the artist at a regional prerelease years ago at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.  He was an interesting guy to talk to.  I remember that prerelease in particular since it was the only tournament that my older son Max and I attended together.  Max was never all that interested in Magic, but he humored me and went along for the experience.  I remember that whenever I hammer an opponent for one point of Saproling beatdown. 

During Mirage block, I ended up getting three copies of Sacred Mesa.  This was an amazing feat since I opened perhaps 20 boosters of the set.  Since that time I’ve had several decks that have used the Mesa to try and win with Pegasus tokens.  While the decks are generally not too effective (mostly just too slow), I keep trying.  My Pegasus tokens from Unglued have probably seen more use than anyone else’s tokens. 

The Sheep tokens were a gift from my friend, Harry.  While I don’t often need Sheep tokens, I use them whenever Goat tokens (or any other farm animal tokens) are required.  I mean come on!  It’s a Sheep token!

I know that Crib Swap is the only card that needs a Shapeshifter token, but Crib Swap is a great card and I continue to have every copy I own in decks.  It is particularly handy to have the token, since it is easy to forget that the Shapeshifter that you make is a Changeling. 

In a game several years ago we needed a 5/5 Giant token, so I flipped a business card over and used my amazing skills as an artist to quickly produce one.  I looked through Gatherer to see what card produces a 5/5 Giant and I discovered that none of them do.  Feudkiller’s Verdict makes a Giant Warrior so I think that was the one.  However, this fellow also works when you are playing Water Gun Balloon Game.

If you doubted my token creating skills, feast your eyes on this beauty!  I made this before I had any of the official Homunculus tokens.  Whenever a Homunculus is needed now, this fellow is always called up before the regular tokens. 

I first needed the Thopter token when I was using Thopter Squadron and the regular tokens did not exist.  Since I use it in a deck with Sharding Sphinx now, I tend to use the regular tokens more often.  I rock in Pictionary!

What card requires a stylish green and blue 2/2 Drake token?  I’ll leave that for you to find out, but it is a card that I have used in several decks as a backup win condition. 

This is Abe Lincoln.  You can tell which one is tapped and which one is untapped right?  I only ever use him as a token in tournaments but if you want my two cents, coins work well in a pinch. 

Some dice are lousy as tokens, since the dints make it difficult to determine if the dice is tapped or not.  This yellow sponge die has the numbers written on them, so when it is tapped, it is pretty obvious.  It does get a little tricky when the token gets a +1/+1 counter though…

The first Magic product I bought had two Fourth Edition Starter Packs, along with a small black felt bag with these beads in them.  I used them to track my life total, as tokens, and as +1/+1 counters.  Rather than turn them 90 degrees to indicate they were tapped, I flipped them over.  You could tell which were tapped, but only if you looked closely.  This was hardly ideal, but it was official Wizards of the Coast product, so I went with it.

Ajani Goldmane‘s ultimate ability.

I saved the Centaur for last.  I found this in a store ages ago and thought he was the best token ever.  It is obvious what he is.  His power and toughness are evident.  It is clear when he is tapped.  This is awesome. 

The problem is that I used to have the Elephant token as well, but it was lost.  An elephant token is far more useful than a Centaur token.  The bottom of the stand shows that these were Wizards of the Coast products, in conjunction with Hobby Japan. The Centaur is stamped “7” on the bottom, so I assume there are 6 others out there.  If anyone has them or knows where to get them, let me know; these are the coolest tokens I’ve ever seen. 

Bruce Richard


About Windborn Muse

If you seek limited or constructed tournament knowledge, wrapped up with excellent comedic writing, you are in the wrong place. Planted firmly at the kitchen table, Bruce (the Windborn Muse) is all things casual, focusing primarily on strategies for multiplayer games wrapped up with horrific, train wreck attempts at humour. Bruce is married to an extremely tolerant woman and has three children who will not go near him in public. In real life Bruce works as an attorney and lives just outside Boston.
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7 Responses to Windborn Musings – A Token of My Appreciation

  1. Matthijs says:


    But did you ever use these:

    I especially love the 0/1 Thrull token.



    • I had forgotten all about these tokens! I started getting The Duelist about one or two issues after this one. I had friends who used the tokens, but I never did get to use them myself.

  2. Razjah says:

    I used to try to make sure that I have enough token for decks. Now I keep two different set of playing cards with my decks. They work pretty well, since most of our decks only have one or two kinds of tokens out at once. Plus, I have used the whole box full of cards as my counter for a coalition relic so that I would not forget it.

  3. Alex P. says:

    I dig your Ajani avatar token.

    Tokens are among the first MTG cards I ever purchased as singles — together with Tempered Steel for my wife’s Myr deck.

    My favorite token is the Scars of Mirrodin Soldier:

    I love playing Timely Reinforcements because I get to bring out my shiny Soldiers.

  4. Kuchi says:

    Ah, I know all about collecting every single token card you can get. I have a full box of them…
    By the way, the best thing that could happen to the evil Token Industry was the invention of Horde Magic. I mean, really? I need 50 or 60 token cards?! And they all look so different! Which ones should I use in my Zombie Horde deck?
    There are the cool ones:,-Innistrad,/Detail
    Then the also good but not quite as cool ones:
    The okay ones:
    And then, there is “wild man who hasn’t shaved in five years”:
    Hmrpf, seriously, Christopher Moeller? You can do better than some kind of a Jesus-like savage!
    That one really gives me the creeps, but only because it looks so silly and un-zombie-like… 😦

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