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Windborn Musings – Some Disenchanted Evening

Every play group sees plenty of creature removal.  Whether you see old school standards, Terror  and Wrath of God, funky midrange Chill to the Bone and Rout, or recent Victim of Night and Blasphemous Act, creature removal is everywhere.  But … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings—Vengeance is Mine!

Ah, sweet revenge. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord! Gotta get some payback! It seems that our culture places a premium on vengeance, from the classic westerns where Clint Eastwood hunts down the sumbitch who killed his horse, to the … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – A Token of My Appreciation

In the comments from last week’s article, Alex expressed his frustration with many of the tokens that are used.  Consider that the inspiration for this pictorial article.

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Seedborn Musings – In Black and White

Black-white isn’t my favorite combination – that would be green-blue – but I’ve made many decks over the years that have stuck with me as favorites.  Innistrad and New Phyrexia had dark themes that make combining darkness and light a … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings—The Trouble with Timmy

I am a proud Timmy—a Timmy and a Defender of Timmies.[1] It usually seems like Timmies are misunderstood, underestimated and denigrated, but there’s no group I’d rather be associated with than the fun-lovin’ big play makin’ Timmies. Most days I’d … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – Proxies and the Casual Player

For as long as Magic cards have cost money, players have been using proxies.  And I’ve hated them for almost that long. 

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Seedborn Musings – Tour de Cards (Part 6)

It’s that time of year again!  Break out your Masques block binder – you know, the one with all the unused cards – and let’s see what cyclical treasures it contains.

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Graveborn Musings—The Ballad of Timmy and Suzie

Today’s discussion is based on something that a regular reader, Razjah, posted in the comments. It shows, of course, that I love and cherish all of you and value your feedback, but also illustrates some important aspects of threat assessment … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – Teaming Hordes

What is scarier than a horde of Zombies? 

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Seedborn Musings – Animar Soul to Soul

There are some very Spikey ways to win with Animar as your commander.  This deck isn’t one of them, but if it’s a duel or a 3-player game it will win you your fair share while being plenty of fun.

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