Seedborn Musings – Seedborn Museum (Old Hundredth)

Welcome to the Seedborn Museum.  I’m your tour guide for this 100th article celebration here at the Muse Vessel.  Through the gallery you’ll see 100 cards I have some particular connection to, whether it’s cards I’m “famous” for running, cards I have an irrational feeling about, etc.  The captions underneath the art will fill you in on why this card is in the museum.  Inclusion was intuition/feel-based as much as anything else.  There are some cards I’m sure I overlooked, but the point is sense impression, not strict listitude.

Our tour, like many of my decklists, start with one of my all-time favorite green creatures. For my style this does everything I want.

It's powerful as a landfall finisher. It's terrible when I follow it up with Realm Razer. Anyone want to block my 4/2? No?

Auras since this was printed include Elder Mastery, Celestial Mantle, Gigantiform, and Eldrazi Conscription. These things ought to go on a Slippery Bogle by turn 3, don't you think?

I love: A) Birthing Pod decks; and B) Creating supremely awkward blocks. Ta-da!

I'm obsessed with hosing library search. It doesn't hurt that it's a Bird from Future Sight.

One of my favorite cheapo decks involved this equipped with Viridian Longbow and a Genesis Chamber in play. You play a dude, you get a dude!...and I ping you for 1.

I love to put this on creatures with old lifelink (double gain!) or on Putrid Leech (Pay 2 life, send in rebate, get free pump!). Both are quite effective.

Protection from creatures is so good. Somehow I always seem to draw this in my Sen Triplets Commander deck. Not that I mind.

I'm fairly certain Wizards probed my brain to come up with the perfect card for me. That's how things work, right?

I have only once retired a deck for my not understanding its rules interactions. It involved this, Caldera Hellion, and Cauldron of Souls. I never knew whether my stuff lived or died or what happened exactly. But the idea rocked.

Most of the Bringers look like rock candy, and they also beg to go into the same deck. Ramping into turn 3 Channel the Suns for a Bringer is amazing. It's also fun to use Maelstrom Nexus in that deck to cascade from these into Legacy Weapon.


I've tried to break it for 6 years. Clearly, I must try harder!

Petrahydrox waited years for this card to exist.

Wound up being surprisingly good in my Zedruu deck. You can keep an opponent off their main creature by clashing with a third party, and if you want to keep it for an extra turn, donate the Glance.

The power behind my Karador deck. Who knows what I have in my hand to off their random stuff? I love taking cards like this and turning them into feared pieces of doom. It's probably my biggest Magic thrill.

I had Clarion Tomato and Brilliant Tomato in the same deck for awhile, using Obelisks and Rhoxes and so forth to rain all kinds of permanents onto the board. It was one of the slowest decks I've ever built, but it was loads of fun. Brilliant revealing Clarion = win.

Insane combo value + Snake Elf Druid = Most of what I want in a card.

Now with the new keyword fight. This told me to build a R/G Beast deck as my third deck, and except for a few months in 2008, I've always had a R/G Beast deck.

Cruel Tomato is my favorite thing to copy with Pyromancer Ascension. I've done it in Standard. I won that game.

The ability's so odd-looking that it's easy to miss its being a 5/5 beatstick on turn 3. I hear those are good.

Use Sign in Blood and Infernal Contract to find him, discarding Traitor's Clutch at some point in this. Flashback the Clutch to give Death's Shadow shadow (!) and then Rite of Consumption him for the win. This works with surprising frequency. It also is the best known combo with Phyrexian Delver, FWIW.

Tempo swing!!! He's the top end of my Illusion deck and my favorite counterspell (Mystic Snake is #2). It feels like such a blowout to counter something huge with this.

Currently in the deck with the card below, I've brought him to Standard in 32 Fog, which tried to flashback Pollen Lullaby, Dawn Charm, and a bunch of others as a control build, and in my Mind Funeral/Roiling Terrain deck. Oh yeah, and he's a Lich Lord.

I have a Necrotic Ooze/Crypt of Agadeem/Dralnu, Lich Lord deck that works only because this card exists. Yes, I'll dump my Avatar of Woe into the graveyard and draw more cards. Now I will tap Ooze and kill your stuff.

For obvious reasons. Gatherer reviewers give it a 3.793 so far. I wonder what our Innistrad preview card will end up with.

Legions was my first new set. I was way overexposed to this guy. I threaten to use him as toilet paper. I hate this guy so, so much. You don't even know.

Land Creature - Forest Dryad. That is all.

The only Legacy/Vintage event I ever attended was a 5-person deal. Guy played Kokusho turn 1 off Dark Ritual/Ornithopter/Culling the Weak. I beat him 2-1 because he continued to play Lake of the Dead and let my Dryad Sophisticate pick up a Sword of Light and Shadow and own his face. Nonbasic landwalk is awesome.

I built a Standard deck around this guy. I can't bear to take him out of my Karador deck. He's not even that great, but I always imagine getting insane value out of his trigger. Kamigawa cards were so weird.

My second deck was the Ivory Doom preconstruct, and I've loved B/W Clerics ever since. Not only is this a Cleric, but it's perfect for B/G Birthing Pod lists. It's also one of the only discard spells that allows you to choose a land. Oh yeah, and Exarch is a cool word.

This does basically everything I want a green utility spell to do. I love Dawn Charm, but Evolution Charm is the embodiment of everything I love about Planar Chaos.

I've owned 2 since Mirrodin came out. I can't even count how many monoblue decks I've made with these in it. Do they work? Not really. But they go in anyway.

Legions was meh but I love provoke, and this guy can be thoroughly nasty if opponents, you know, want to keep their creatures and stuff.

From making my favorite song all-time, "Firth of Fifth," to being a treasured and beat-up 1-of before EDH and now a chase rare in that format, Genesis has done it all for me.

Just what Devouring Greed ordered. I have a W/B Spirit deck that splices Spiritual Visit onto random stuff, holds the fort with Ghosts, and then either Devouring Greeds or Exsanguinates. Yummo.

One of my two favorite recent creatures, Glissa can shut down aggro. She can use Perilous Myrs and Ratchet Bombs as boomerangs. She can also loop Mindslaver by forcing their creatures to attack into first strike/deathtouch. Yes, I've controlled 9 of my opponent's turns in a Standard game; why do you ask?

My other recent favorite creature. There are so many things you can do with this guy. He and I have had good times together.

It's just like Ball Lightning except that it's in the color of ramp and recursion. T1 Elves, T2 Groundbreaker, T3 Groundbreaker+Reclaim on the other one?

You don't have to build Beastmaster Ascension with tokens; you can just attack with loads of Gustcloaks.

A big blue stompy deck loves this. Opponents are less keen. These are still at junk rare price and are ridiculously powerful.

Ever turned Akroma, Angel of Wrath face down? Ever turned your own Draining Whelk face down as it kept its +1/+1 counters? The best or at least coolest pseudo-Wrath ever.

This wouldn't be one of my most frequent recursions in Karador Commander. Nope. And I didn't build a Standard deck with him as my primary anti-aggro weapon. Never done anything with this'un.

I only started playing EDH because I had a Karona with nothing to do. Guess that worked out.

The card that makes my opponents fear a turn 1 Aven Envoy, as I can bounce your land starting turn 4 while building a Bird army. I have a soft spot for real animals in Magic, and that started with my Bird deck.

No surprise that my favorite red card comes from Planar Chaos. The resurgence of Bloodthirst makes his three separate hits all kinds of useful.

As a common??? I first built an Illusion deck for MTGO Tribal Wars, figuring I could do it cheaply and intriguingly. I ported it to paper for under $10 in 2008. It's still one of my best decks, and Lord of the Unreal just made it better. FWIW, the Mist also is why Archenemy games on Duels of the Planeswalkers should without fail be three Jace decks v. the Archenemy.

The meanest thing you can do with this card isn't Dowsing Shaman. It probably isn't Faith's Fetters either, although that would be hilarious. No, the meanest thing you can do is to let an opponent put the destruction trigger on the stack and then Reknit Lethal Vapors to regenerate it. I have it on my own good authority that you can't get meaner.

It's fun to build around cards like this. You can do indestructible creatures, force somebody's creatures to attack, or you can just play big dumb guys who never will die to this. It's more open than it looks.

Maybe it's my partiality to the flavor or the Riptide era of wizardry (or even my early lack of access to tutors), but this card hits all the right spots for me.

So good with Orochi Hatchery!

The glue in my Glare of Subdual deck, where I can triple use out of Shepherd of the Lost by swinging on my turn, then using it tap a fatty and still block on theirs. It's a sneaky deck that wins far more often than it should, and Masako's the building centerpiece even as Glare of Subdual has more power.

Counting previous-turn concessions, I've gotten the alternate win once in the 12 months I've had a deck around it. The other abilities still win games, though. It goes surprisingly well with Cylian Sunsinger, and Avenger of Zendikar loves it.

I've only ever owned one, but it was the inspiration and nearly the only good card in a monoblue Avarice Totem deck that used Advance Hoverguard and Neurok Stealthsuit to attempt to insta-shroud anything the opponent tried to steal and then Synod Sanctum what I stole to perma-keep it or sac it to Spawning Pit. It ran Into Thin Air. It was hilarious, but the one-of Memnarch made it win...when I found it.

First in Grand Architect and then in Birthing Pod, I've been one of this card's biggest believers for Standard. There's no space left in my deck, so it's currently trying to prop up my Evil Eye deck.

Currently Mishra is the only rare in my WUBR Spellbomb recursion deck (unplanned; it just worked out). Previously he led a bizarrely effective deck with Reaper King, Conspiracy set to Scarecrow, and a bunch of artifact creatures. Playing Ornithopter to find a second Ornithopter and destroy two permanents for 0 mana is as hilarious as it sounds. That was one of my most popular decks around 2008.

Weird, unique/semi-unique cards will pique my curiosity, especially when they're from Future Sight. This one can sit there and annoy as a blocker, or it can punch through some okay damage. It also is untouched by Lightmine Field, which is fun.

I love to make 60-card decks around MV and play almost all creatures. This plan involves Coiling Oracle always and Heartwood Storyteller sometimes. While I probably shouldn't be allowed to make a Commander deck with him, his style is what makes playing Animar so fun: a series of creature jabs leading to something ridiculous.

My favorite LD spell by far, as it almost singlehandedly enables monogreen control, one of my favorite quasi-archetypes. T1 Elves, T3 Acid-Moss is tempo through the roof. And the art is so soothing and lovely for being such a nasty card.

My first use was with Echoing Ruin to kill basic lands and Nim Shrieker for flying damage; that was fun. March of the Machines it was unfun, but making every new permanent proliferate Arcbound Crusher was loads of fun. Also fun is comboing it with Bludgeon Brawl to make a Basic Artifact Land - Mountain Equipment, which I equip for 0 to Kemba along with all my lands. There's so much awesome in this card.

The rare from my first booster; the other booster I bought had True Believer. It just seems so AWESOME!

Already wrote here at MV about my deck with this, Mercy Killing, Mogg Infestation, and Dingus Staff. Every card in it is borne from my deckbuilding theories, so I have a special attachment to what this card stands for. And although many in the group predate my starting point with the game, as far as I know I'm the only active one who both played and liked Kamigawa when it came out, so anything I pull from there is unique.

A new inclusion, this Grixisish zombie set the tertiary direction after I knew I wanted to make a Call to the Grave/Cemetery Reaper deck. I'll probably write about the deck at some point. The blue kicker is devastating, and the red one's not terrible.

So good with Mana Echoes!

I thought I'd be clever and buy these to pwn Shards of Alara decks in Standard. It worked for a tournament. Then Path to Exile came out and all sadness happened.

My favorite black card? I think so. Suspend, weird name, and a nasty, kill-you-from-nowhere ability. Very fun with Might of Oaks, by the way.

Weird counters + awesome with Darksteel stuff? Sign me up! Is really sweet with a Sword of Vengeance.

Returning flashed back Momentary Blinks or using these as the weirdest kill spell when Dimensional Breach has exiled everything, I love this card.

In response to the trigger, Shields of Velis Vel on you? Why are you mad? I buffed your creatures!

Did you know Godo, Bandit Warlord fetches Equipment and likes Samurai? Did you know some Equipments give deathtouch? Did you know that this guy with deathtouch is a one-sided Wrath? My opponents do.

I love attacking with lands. My beat-up from-the-time single copy is in Radha Commander now, but it's shown up in many decks through the years.

"End of your turn, I sac Protomatter Powder to return Scourglass to the field. My turn?"

A contemplative portrait of the author.

On the Rules Offender Registry. I'm not allowed near local playgroups.

Probably my favoritest fatty; has all the things I want in a big dude. Fantastic with Doubling Chant/Retraced image as well.

One of the most difficult cards to play around in my Bird deck. Yeah, I'll just block. Or maybe send it to the Seaside Haven.

You've read my articles for 7 months now. I don't need to explain this one.

My favorite thing to accelerate with Grand Architect, in large part because the blue creatures can fuel the permanent destruction. Take that, green rampers!

This is the best creature to Momentous Fall. I have both along with Arc Runner in a Where Ancients Tread deck.

The centerpiece of my Cabal Coffers/black mana deck. Its best use isn't how the card reads, as I rarely use it to pump. Instead, I use it against opposing swarms for a Darkness effect and then bash for 5 every turn.

Split second + lose all abilities? Love. It. I believe it's my most favorite combat trick ever.

Turn sequence last week: Use Kalitas to destroy a Nacatl War-Pride. Gruesome Encore the War-Pride. Swing at guy with it and 5 token copies (he blocks the original). Use Sundial to KEEP THE TOKENS! I love that deck and what this card enables.

It was with a this-based deck in Two-Headed Giant that I found out my decks aren't team-friendly. They do their own twisted things and don't play well with others. I kept my teammate's deck from doing anything. I've learned which decks are teamy now.

When I was a sophomore splitting a Darksteel box with my best friend, I had no idea Legacy would want these or that EDH would be a thing. But in the spirit of that first box experience and the things I built with it then, I still have my beat-up two copies, and my wife uses them in her 60-card Equipment deck. I'm not sure I could bear parting with these.

In the short time since writing about this deck, it's already become feared. Monogreen artifact decks are always cool. Have you ever tried Fangren Firstborn with arcbound creatures? It's fun.

The centerpiece of my old Mirror-Sigil Sergeant deck. Reversing the phase order meant I could Mirrorweave Mirror-Sigil Sergeant and get far more tokens than I should have while also providing its blue permanent.

The perfect utility card in my Pure Reflection deck. When friends use this deck, they almost always use it for the wizardcycling. I almost always use it to bounce a creature after making it a Sliver.

I have my favorite G/W creatures in with this card. You may kill my Loxodon Hierarch. I am okay with this.

And now everybody's afraid of Sunblast Angel. Or Clone Shell to find Sunblast Angel.

You haven't lived until you've cast Plague Wind with this guy out or put something under Void Maw into the graveyard only to reanimate it with a flipped Nezumi Graverobber. That's how I play black.

Not only is it Simic, it counters basically anything you want! If someone suspects you have Voidslime in your hand, they play veeeery differently.

Mostly used in tandem with Nath of the Gilt-Leaf and Oona's Prowler. I'm a Rock player and this is a flagship Rock card for casual.

My ultimate dream with the Sponge is to put Freed from the Real on it and make white Akroma lose all three abilities, blocking with something random on the ground.

I was the first person I knew to work with this card, eventually figuring out the type of deck that's now common for this card. I was happier than anyone else when this won tournaments in Shards era.

Morph was the hotness when I started playing, and he's the most feared thing in my all-morph deck aside from the Pickles lock. He was timeshifted too and with Voidmage Apprentice is the only reliable answer to split second.

The first card I loved having on my side and hated playing against. Each of its characteristics informs my Zombie Cleric Commander deck.

The Wormfangs are the most famous part of my entry into the Talent Search, where I met the other Muses. And I still love to say "You've been salamandered!" when swinging with this guy.


About Brandon Isleib

Author of Playing for a Winner: How Baseball Teams' Success Raises Players' Reputations; sometimes-writer at GatheringMagic and Muse Vessel; card name/flavor text team for Magic 2015; Wizards of the Coast's first Digital Event Coordinator; directly responsible for the verb "create" on Magic cards; legislation editor for Seattle; voracious music consumer; Christian.
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4 Responses to Seedborn Musings – Seedborn Museum (Old Hundredth)

  1. Vrag says:

    I recently made a deck with Death’s Shadow. Phyrexian Unlife + Ad Nauseam and some other “lose life” stuff. I want to put Pain’s Reward in it just to get a “WTF?!” out of my playgroup when I bid 19 life to draw 4 cards.
    I also love the starfish. I like it so much that I actually made some 0/1 starfish tokens.
    I’ve had the same problem everytime people wanted to play 2HG, Half my decks hurt my teammate too.
    How are Willbender and Voidmage Apprentice answers to split second? You can’t activate non-mana abilities.

    • Seedborn Muse says:

      Morph doesn’t have a colon in its text; it isn’t an activated ability. It’s a special action and doesn’t use the stack.

  2. shmebula says:

    I really enjoyed this article. I was happy to learn about vernal equinox which is going into my Edric group hug deck.

    • Seedborn Muse says:

      Not everyone’s willing to play the creatures at instant speed, I’ve found. You’d be surprised at how much the group doesn’t feel hugged with the Equinox. But it makes for a fun minigame with crazy combats and all sorts of oddities. It’s also a junk rare. Recommended.

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