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Seedborn Musings – Winning with Junk

I admit that the article title could be my column title; I don’t think there’s a lot of dispute there.  But for me there’s something special about getting a pile of weird cards tuned just right so that it wins … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – Commanding a Commander (Launch Party)

Commander games promise all levels of insanity.  In fact, it is something most of us are looking for when playing Commander.  So if you get that level of crazy in your Commander games, how crazy is an entire Launch Party? 

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Windborn Musings – The Problem with Command Tower

I don’t like Command Tower.  This card was a mistake.  It should not have been printed in this set or any other set.  This card sets a dangerous precedent.

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Seedborn Musings – Miami Vice, Standard, & Your Playgroup (Jan & Ban Hammer)

Okay, I’ve never watched Miami Vice; I just wanted to make the pun.  But this week’s Standard bannings of Jace, the Final Frontier and Stoneforge Mystic allow me to talk about a few pertinent views on bannings and their implications … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings – Ghave Better than He Got

Well, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived…kind of. Like most of you probably were I was unspeakably excited when I read this, and have been waiting less than patiently for the release events since December 2010. … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – The Other Guys

Everybody knows about the fancy multicolored legends from Commander.  They are the stars.  They get oversized cards that show off their “General”ness.  They get featured on the biggest Commander sites and hyped like crazy.  They are the cards Wizards is … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Decktagon

The multiplayer world evaluates cards based on their impact on the board state; rattlesnake is the most famous evaluation, with maybe cockroach the close second.  But what about deck plans?  You can read tournament reports with tons of adjectives that … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings—Urabrask, the Killing You So Quick You Would Have Sworn He Was Hidden!

When I went through the New Phyrexia spoiler, there were a bunch of cards that really impressed me. Most of them were black (I know; shocking, right?), but the non-black card that almost literally leapt out at me was Urabrask, … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – Top 30 Reasons Why You Should Go to A Commander Launch Party.

I know that the Launch Parties aren’t until next weekend, but I’ve got other plans for next week’s article so here are the top 30 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Commander Launch Party:

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Muse Vessel – Noisy, Stinky, and Sweet as Cocoa

As a new site, we weren’t holding our breath when we asked Wizards for a preview of a Commander card.  We have never done a preview card before, so we would have been happy with anything, even perhaps a card … Continue reading

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