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Windborn Musings – A Painful Quandary

I’d always felt like there was something amiss with my multiplayer games, but I was never sure just what it was.  It wasn’t until I wrote my article on threat assessment that it all became clear to me.  I suffered … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – “Are You Done Yet?”

My group had settled in for our usual Thursday night Magic games.  After about ten minutes, the conversation had drawn everyone in as we were talking about the New Phyrexia cards that were slowly infiltrating our group.  Then the fateful … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – M12 and the Artful Keyword

In what felt like a curveball move, WotC’s started telling us things about M12.  The first set of this naming convention that isn’t or hasn’t been like a motorway, the set’s already proving interesting, with the return of bloodthirst, a … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings – The Replacement Killers

One of the great things about building casual decks is that you can be inspired by any of the cards hiding in your booster pack, especially when a new set comes out. I always end up with a big pile … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – Threat Assessment

Remember the last time you played some Commander?  Did you sit down and think to yourself, “Thraximundar again.  Keep a close eye on that.” [No – I was playing Thraximundar, natch. GBM] Congratulations, you are already doing a basic threat … Continue reading

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Seedborn Musings – Actual Musings

This past week was event-filled from an intertwined Magic-personal standpoint.  A new set came out, decks are being built, and the rewards of friendship and niceties are showing up all over the place.  Each thing has its own interest segment … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings – Commander in Casual Perspective (plus a deckbuilding challenge!)

I’m a huge fan of Evan Erwin’s The Magic Show, but I was watching the New Phyrexia set review he did with World Champ Brad Nelson (good, but not as good as ours, natch) and I noticed something kind of … Continue reading

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Windborn Musings – New Phyrexia Prerelease Tournament Organizer Report

Did you attend your store’s prerelease last week?  I bet mine was a little different…

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Seedborn Musings – Tour de Cards (Part 3)

Having made it up to Ice Age block in rating the cycles of Magic, we’ve seen one great development (the expanding horizon of good multicolor cards) and two terrible ones (the burning need to make more cards like Throne of … Continue reading

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Graveborn Musings – When Bombs Bomb

I am famously cheap, and when it comes to Magic cards my lovely wife is cheaper still. As a result, I tend not to spend too much money on single cards, and desperately wait for the good stuff to rotate … Continue reading

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