Welcome to the Muse Vessel!

Welcome to the Muse Vessel!  As is pretty obvious from the web page, we will be writing on all things multiplayer Magic (and likely wandering outside of that limitation from time to time).  It became obvious to each of us that there is a dearth of writing about multiplayer Magic on the internet.  Each of us found that there is a small, but dedicated, group of people interested in quality writing about multiplayer, thus the Muse Vessel was born.  We are just starting out, so keep in mind that the site is a work in progress.  Any suggestions for improvements will always be appreciated. 

The Muse Vessel consists of three of us offering up our thoughts and ideas (yeah, musings, Muse Vessel, we are so smooth!):

Graveborn Musings will be written by Daryl Bockett.  Daryl picked up the writing bug with the StarCitygames Talent Search and decided he wasn’t ready to stop writing about Magic just yet.  He tends to favor black, and his play style takes best advantage of his preference. 

Seedborn Musings will be written by Brandon Isleib.  Brandon has a long background writing for the baseball audience.  He jumped at the chance to write about Magic and is looking forward to sharing his experiences and deck ideas in the coming articles.  

Windborn Musings will be written by Bruce Richard.  Bruce has been writing about Magic for a very long time, with articles in the StarCity archives that go waaay back, and others that are even older that are no longer there.  He has recently written a couple of pieces for Mananation and was part of the StarCitygames Talent Search.  He tends to prefer to write strategy articles, but you can expect rants and the occasional article from the point of view of a small level Tournament Organizer. 

We hope to each write something at least every two weeks.  Over the course of February we will set a writing schedule that fits our schedules, but until then, randomness will likely be the rule!

Right now, it is spoiler season!  As you can see, Daryl has started things off with a bang, offering up two articles that look at the cards currently spoiled.  Brandon will bring his own slant to the newest cards from Mirrodin Besieged tomorrow, and Bruce will focus his review on a couple of cards that seemed particularly interesting to his style of multiplayer on Wednesday night.   

Best Wishes,

Daryl Bockett
@the_casual_guy on Twitter

Brandon Isleib
@earthdyedred on Twitter

Bruce Richard
@manaburned on Twitter


About Windborn Muse

If you seek limited or constructed tournament knowledge, wrapped up with excellent comedic writing, you are in the wrong place. Planted firmly at the kitchen table, Bruce (the Windborn Muse) is all things casual, focusing primarily on strategies for multiplayer games wrapped up with horrific, train wreck attempts at humour. Bruce is married to an extremely tolerant woman and has three children who will not go near him in public. In real life Bruce works as an attorney and lives just outside Boston.
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One Response to Welcome to the Muse Vessel!

  1. MTGColorPie says:

    Hey guys, welcome to the Magic blogging world.

    I like what you guys have set up here, and I’m excited to read more. I’ve already started to plow through your Besieged review and I’m enjoying it. Don’t be afraid to add some pics or links every once in a while as everyone’s still learning about the cards and the set (only suggestion so far).

    In all, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got going. Good luck and don’t be afraid to reach out to me whenever.

    – Robby

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